Our Services

Care & Nursing Center

The children who live in this charity house are trained to live independently and practice noble manners as their clothing. The cleanliness and tidiness of the hostel is done together, in groups and in turns.

Religious Studies & Education

In addition to the emphasis on the basics of fardhu ain as a guideline of life, human or spiritual education is the main education that is highly emphasized to the children who live here. Every time they are educated to know God until there is a sense of love, affection and fear of Him so that they have a big and strong soul to go through this life. They are disciplined with congregational prayers at all times, reciting the Quran, tahlil and bertahajjud (qiyamullail) every day.


The children who live in this dormitory also always get guidance to understand the lessons learned in school. They are assisted in completing school work by experienced teachers who volunteer to help them especially on weekends and school holidays..

Activities & Skills

In addition to study and learning activities, the children are also exposed to various activities and skills appropriate to their age so that they know how to live independently after they leave this charity house. Such activities and exposure in addition to nourishing the minds and bodies of children, it is also very helpful in building the soul and testimony of children. Among the activities are as follows: Cultural activities Economic activity (small business) Activities with the community